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Until then, here a short overview of what we do:

Ariont is a technology company dedicated to customers in remote areas of northern Canada.
We have an emphasis on communication systems for voice and data transmissions.
Part of our service portfolio includes setup of high-throughput satellite data connections,
satellite telephone services and secure enterprise-class networks.

We operate our own aircraft, our technicians and the equipment are flown-in directly.
This ensures a timely, cost-effective and complete arrival at the customer’s remote site.

High-throughput remote data communication

The fastest in the industry (up to 130 Mbit/s downstream).
Connecting remote sites without bottlenecks or caps.

Satellite IP telephone services

Clear voice communication,
low latency and feature-rich service.

Long-range radio communication

Long distance handheld radio
communication to connect your crew.

Weather stations

Remote self-sufficient weather stations accessible through
the internet for real-time observation.

Remote surveillance and equipment control

Check on your remote site and control equipment in real-time.

Off-grid power solutions

Power where you need it. Reduce costs and go
green with solar and wind energy for your projects.

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Site 2, Municipal Airport
Russell, MB R0J 1W0

call 1-855-598-3681